About Us

The Journey Begins

Born and raised in Seattle, Washington, Amy is the type of person who abandoned their comfortable life and chose to travel around the world learning about different people and cultures. She goes around different places in the world and stays 3 months (or more) to experience what the locals are eating, speaking, and feel the overall culture of her destination. Amy believes that travelling is her destiny in life, to assimilate herself in the cultures of others and share it to the world through her online travel blogs. Amy loves eating different types of food, especially spicy ones! In no particular order, her favorite cities in the world are Tokyo, Seoul, Athens, And Buenos Aires. Aside from being a travel blogger, Amy also reviews booking sites for hotels, does social media marketing, and is a fantastic graphics designer!

Hi to all of you travelling souls out there! This is Amy Cowling from hela-studio.com. When I was just 19 year old, I decided to start travelling the world. The inspiration came from when I traveled solo in Japan for an exchange student program. Living alone in a foreign country, and with nor restrictions because I don’t know anyone, I felt this unique taste of freedom. I felt that I could express myself more, and dig deeper into the culture of the place. I thought that since my job goes wherever my laptop is (I’m a freelance web designer and graphics artists) I can go anywhere in the world and still have a stable income. 

At first living alone and always moving from place to place is hard. You miss company, support from loved ones, and a simple family day. Simply living is not enough for me, there was something growing up inside, a hunger that my life’s purpose is something that’s supposed to be bigger. So I started backpacking on my own, armed with just my laptop and few savings in my bank, first I traveled through south america and experienced the culture there first hand. Time went by and I’ve been to about 40 countries now! It’s really been great thus far.

My style when travelling is a little different. I don’t go to well-known tourist spots, or online recommendations, especially for accommodations. I always try to find what a local would do, or got to so that my readers are assured that they are getting a fresh and authentic review of a certain place, or hotel they want to stay in.

Recently I also started doing reviews for online booking sites. I thought that just knowing about the place you want to visit is not enough these days, that my viewers also want to know what website or booking company has the best deals out there. Afterall who doesn’t want to save money right?

To be honest I only have 2 goals with my blogs

  • Document my adventures and share the culture of every place I visit to the world
  • Help my readers be informed on where is the best place to go to and to provide free travel tips on how they save money using online booking sites with my reviews

Those are really what I’m hoping for. I wanted to create free travel guides and share any life lessons I might get along the way with my travels. My blog is for anyone out there who has a passion for travelling around the globe. Whether you’re a first time traveler who wants to travel to another country, or a seasoned veteran who needs more tips on how to save money during a trip, I’m sure that you’ll pick up a thing or two from my site.

I do hope you enjoy your stay here! Don’t be shy to send me messages or photos of your travels. Keep experiencing the world!